Online Feedback Seminar PD-L1 CPS scoring in HNSCC, EC/GEJC,TNBC, CC

The recording of the online feedback seminar for the proficiency test PD-L1 CPS scoring (HNSCC, EC/GEJC,TNBC,CC) 2022 which took place on the 31st of August 2023 is now online.


In the first part, Dr. med. Markus Eckstein first gives an overview of the PD-L1 testing as well as the different scoring algorithms in particular the CPS testing algorithm in comparison with other testing algorithms. He also gave a detailed overview on the suitable positive controls to be used during PD-L1 staining.


In the second part, Dr. med. Markus Eckstein digitally examined several borderline/problematic cases of the PD-L1 2022  proficiency test. This segment of the webinar was very interactive with extensive discussions on the scores, the tumor areas of each case examined. Furthermore, during the live discussion, further questions regarding the PD-L1 testing in routine diagnostics were discussed.

If you have problems with video playback, we suggest you using Firefox or Google Chrome.